What is the cost of a whitewater rafting trip in the grand canyon?

Answer There aren't many vacation options as thrilling as whitewater rafting. The average whitewater rafting tour down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon costs just under $500 for a full day of excite... Read More »

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How to Plan a Whitewater Rafting Trip to the Adirondacks?

Whitewater raftingThe Hudson River winds over 300 miles from Mount Marcy’s Lake Tear of the Clouds all the way into metro NYC. Historic, famous and exhilarating – the river is deemed one of the... Read More »

How to Prepare for a White Water Rafting Trip?

White water rafting trips are available in tourist destinations around the world. If you want to join a one-day or multi-day rafting trip, do some planning and research before you go. A good raftin... Read More »

How to Calculate the Cost of Gas for a Trip?

Perhaps you are wondering how much money it will take to go on a road trip. While road trips are a time-honored tradition, paying a lot for gas is certainly not. The answer to the high cost of gas ... Read More »

How much would a trip to Europe cost?

Depending on your itinerary and accommodations, the price of a trip to Europe varies tremendously. If you stay in a hostel and prepare your meals rather than dine out, then airfare will be the bigg... Read More »