What is the cost of a granite countertop?

Answer Granite is a natural stone and is used very commonly in modern kitchen designs. However, granite countertops are much more expensive compared to acrylic or plastic countertops. Acrylic and plastic ... Read More »

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How to Buy Granite Countertop?

Granite is a natural stone that is beautiful, extremely durable and can be used as a counter top surface in many rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen. There are many companies that sell and fa... Read More »

Can you cut on a granite countertop?

According to Granite Countertops Unlimited, it is safe to cut directly on granite countertops, but is not recommended. Granite can be scratched, and a knife may mar the surface. Granite is also por... Read More »

Granite Countertop Safety?

There are several reasons that granite countertops are not utilized in restaurant kitchens. They are not approved by either OSHA or the FDA for use as a food preparation surface. However, this does... Read More »

How do I protect a granite countertop?

Clean RegularlyClean your granite counter top regularly with a pH-neutral cleaner, like rubbing alcohol, water and a soft sponge. Never use abrasive cleaners, like scouring powder, or acidic cleane... Read More »