What is the correct way to wrap an ace bandage?

Answer An Ace bandage is an elastic bandage usually between 2 and 6 inches wide and 4 and 6 feet long. The purpose of applying an Ace bandage to an extremity is to provide uniform, but gentle pressure to ... Read More »

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Do you need to wrap a broken foot with an ace bandage?

A broken foot needs to be wrapped or splinted until you are able to get to the doctor and get it X-Rayed. If it is truly broken, it will need to be put in a cast for a while. For additional First A... Read More »

Would it be helpful to wrap an ace bandage around the leg for varicose veins?

On One Hand: It Is Not an Effective TreatmentIt is not helpful to wrap varicose veins in Ace bandages as a treatment option. Varicose veins require increased circulation to the legs to prevent bloo... Read More »

What is done to prevent a bandage from shifting in place when applying an emergency bandage to the head?

Wrap the bandage at least once underneath the chin and back around the head to keep it in place.

What if you have sex using plastic wrap as protection but the wrap was sucure and did not rip tear or open at all and the sex was only about 30 to 40 seconds long and he did not come?

Using plastic wrap is a TERRIBLE choice. Do not have sex if you can not at least afford a condomn or suffer the possible consequences such as STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Plastic wrap can have man... Read More »