What is the correct way to wipe after peeing?

Answer Front to back then drop the paper is the correct way. With the adequate amount of toilet paper. You can reach from behind or you can push back from the front. I really don't know what to tell you ... Read More »

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If you bleed regular for three days when your period is normally 7 or 8 and then a week later you wipe after peeing of course and there a very light pink on the tissue is that a sign of pregnancy?

Answerno its just one of your overies sending a late egg. if you were pregnate you wouldn't have got it for them 3 days

Is it normal to have a sharp pain in your pelvic area in the middle of peeing and then stop peeing if your pregnant Is this a sign of tubal pregnancy?

Answer That sounds more like a urinary tract infection. You should probably see your doctor so that you can clear it up. It won't clear up without antibiotics.

If you wipe off your penis with sperm on it with your fingers then your fingers have sperm on them and you wipe it off on your boxers and you rub a girl's vagina can she get pregnant?

I'm peeing more than I'm drinking, do you know why?

If you check your blood sugars, you will find that you are not controlled enough. When you are normalized blood sugars, then this will stop.