What is the correct way to turn a car?

Answer If you have never driven before, it can be a daunting prospect. As long as you know how to safely execute certain procedures, you will do fine. If you are learning how to turn your car, you need to... Read More »

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How the **** do I turn off Google auto correct?

Go to google preferences- - "Never show instant results"

How do you turn off auto correct on iphone?

Turn Auto -Correction on or off : Choose General > Keyboard and turnAuto -Correction on or off . By default, if the default keyboard for the language you select has a dictionary, iPhone automatical... Read More »

How to Turn Off Auto Correct on a Droid Smartphone?

You texted your friend on your new Android phone and you meant to ask "o rly?" but it was auto-corrected to "O fly?" How do you live with the embarrassment? You turn auto-correct off. Here's how:

How can you correct the voltage drop that occurs whenever you turn the refrigerator or electric range on?

Answer(1) Re-wire the fridge circuit and/or the range circuit with larger gauge wire.(2) The range should be on its own circuit already (if not, put it on its own circuit like NEC mandates). You co... Read More »