What is the correct name for a baby rabbit?

Answer The name of a baby rabbit is a kitten or a bunny. A full-grown female is called a doe and a full-grown male is called a buck. If you have several rabbits together, you have a colony, trace or warre... Read More »

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How to Care for a Baby Rabbit?

Bringing home a baby rabbit can be an exciting endeavor, but before you bring your little ball of fur home to cuddle, there is some prep work that needs to be done. Not only do you need to have the... Read More »

Did brer rabbit escape the tar baby?

Yes. Brer Fox and Brer Bear stacked some wood around him, preparing to burn him up (he was helpless; all gooey with tar). Brer Rabbit, always one step ahead, begged the two not to throw him into th... Read More »

How to Care for a Baby Wild Rabbit?

With the wild rabbit population increasing in urban areas, the probability of discovering a nest of motherless baby rabbits is higher than ever these days. If you need to care for baby rabbits, rea... Read More »

How to Determine the Age of a Baby Cottontail Rabbit?

You can identify the age of a baby cottontail rabbit by noting a few of its characteristics and behaviors. A baby cottontail rabbit can sometimes be found alone without its mother in the wild. Moth... Read More »