What is the correct formula for calculating the file size of a bitmap image?

Answer width by height in centimeters

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What is the file extension for a bitmap image?

The file extension for a bitmap image is .bmp. Bitmap image files are large and uncompressed, displaying pictures created by a rectangular grid of pixels. To save space, many pictures on computers ... Read More »

How to Convert a Bitmap Image Into a File Format Supported by wikiHow?

wikiHow's software accepts most image formats used by digital cameras and graphics programs, including GIF, JPEG and PNG. However, Bitmap (BMP) images will need to be converted. Here is how to do t... Read More »

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation with Lots of Bitmap Images and Small File Size?

Want to make a make a PowerPoint presentation with lots of bmp, keeping the size of the file within 1 megabite? This can't be done my friend! You see, a bmp file has a larger file size than other f... Read More »

What is the Formula for Calculating Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic energy is a measure of the energy of motion of an object with a particular mass and velocity. The relationship between these two variables is used to calculate the kinetic energy of an obj... Read More »