What is the correct bladder pressure for a water tank?

Answer Bladder-type residential well water tanks are typically preset with a bladder pressure of 18 pounds per square inch (psi). However, certain kinds of water tanks may be shipped from the factory with... Read More »

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What pressure should a bladder expansion tank be set at?

From the factory, bladder expansion tanks are set usually at 12 psi. The expansion tanks should not be pressurized for more than the tank is rated for. A tank with a rating of 30 psi should not be ... Read More »

Can copper and galvanized pipes mixed cause the hot water pressure low new water tank and still low pressure?

The question makes no sense. what doesn't make sense ,the house has installed half of copper pipes and half galvanized the cold water is running fine but the hot water is slow and they said it mig... Read More »

Hot water heating, in-line: We have our well water pressure tank in the back room. PVC pipes run under floor.?

I am guessing you are somewhere in the southwestern US - although quite a few other places have both snakes and scorpions. If you have access to propane the most efficient water heater you can get ... Read More »

How much air pressure is in a water tank?

The factory-set air pressure for most residential bladder-type well water tanks typically ranges between a gauge pressure of 18 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) and 38 psig. The exact amount of ... Read More »