What is the cooling agent used in the nonnarcotic refrigerator?

Answer I guess it is 1,2-Dichloroethane

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What causes the cooling effect in a refrigerator?

This is done by a chemical reaction. Understanding the refrigerator is not that hard. Please use the link below to learn more on how a refrigerator works.

What could be wrong if you have power to your refrigerator and freezer but nothing is cooling?

Can you tell if the compressor is running? If it is, is the fan motor in the freezer running? Door switch may have to be pushed in, in order to find out. Is there a fan motor on the bottom of the r... Read More »

My refrigerator is not freezing or cooling?

If the air is not blowing through the vents, it needs a fan.If the air is blowing, it might be the thermostat.It might need Freon.Refrigerators are not made like they were years ago and they do not... Read More »

Refrigerator isn't cooling, but I hear the fan!!?

The fan running in the freezer tells you several things. The fan works, the thermostat is working calling for cooling, and it is not in defrost because the fan is off in defrost.That says the compr... Read More »