Whats the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Answer Well I guess as a kid I jumped off the barn roof with a propeller on my hat, with an umbrella just in case the hat did not work. the propeller did not work but the umbrella did to a point! In my le... Read More »

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Isn´t this the coolest thing you ever saw in the ocean?

What is the funniest thing your child has ever done ?

not done - but said - when my son started primary school the head teacher Mrs Nicholls gave the children gold shiney stickers for good work. My son came in from school with a gold shiney and I ask... Read More »

What is the weirdest thing you will ever admit to having done in the past?

lol.Umm...I'm straight, but when I was in first grade, my friend and I were curious about how to french kiss, so we hid behind a bush and 'kissed'. Then some guy found us (not kissing thank God), a... Read More »

In Meet the Fockers Jack had a secret command center hidden under the bed in his RV Was that the coolest thing anybody has ever seen?

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