What is the contour interval on a map?

Answer The contour interval is the elevation distance between two contour lines on a topographic map. A contour interval of 20 meters, then, indicates that there is a difference in elevation of 20 meters ... Read More »

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What is meant by the contour interval on a topographical map?

According to, a contour interval is "any of the spaces between vertical lines on a topographic map or globe." It can also mean the change in elevation that the interval represents. F... Read More »

What is a grid interval?

A grid interval represents a portion of a grid "defined by selected, consecutive grid lines," according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Use the distance between grid lines to measure the distance of... Read More »

What is a titration interval?

Titration is a process in which a solution of an often unknown concentration is added to another solution. A reaction occurs between the two solutions that allows the concentration of the solution ... Read More »

What is the Recommended Oil Change Interval?

Oil changes are critical to maintaining the health and functionality of a vehicle's engine. Frequent oil changes increase engine lubrication and reduce engine friction and wear, all of which contri... Read More »