What is the consist of Mexican platters with all the fixings?

Answer Taco fixings.

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What old us military medal has a short black ribbon with attachment pin at the top and consist of a gold colored Maltese cross with white enamel and the great seal of the us in the middle?

From what I can find out, this is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Maltese Cross.

How to Swap Hard Disk Drive Platters?

This is an article regarding swapping hard drive platters. This is not a procedure for the technically inept or faint hearted. The following carries no guarantees, and defiantly voids and nullifies... Read More »

What is the best dessert I can serve with Mexican food?

FLAN (MEXICAN CUSTARD) 1 can evaporated milk1 can condensed milk1 tbsp. vanilla4 eggs, at room temperature1/4 c. sugarMelt sugar in a skillet until light brown, pour into a pie pan (glass). Blend... Read More »

If I own a Mexican restaurant with everything you could order as much as you like, what would it be?

I'll take the seafood enchiladas, black bean quesadillas, and a ton of rice. And a lot of cervezas, por favor. :)