What is the cons of teenage pregnancy?

Answer The following covers both teen pregnancy and teen parenting... related but in fact separate topics.1.) Severely increased stress in all aspects of your life.2.) Little or no time to complete or con... Read More »

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Why is it a bad think teenage have pregnancy?

Its not. Im 27 years old and now have 3 daughters (Ava, Kieria and Beau). I love being a mum. I gave birth vaginaly to my first daughter Beau when i was 17. She is now 10 and healthy. My other two ... Read More »

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy?

teenage pregnancy is caused the same way as any other pregnancy which is through sexUnprotected sex.

What help is there for teenage pregnancy?

All I can say is have protected sex if you're not and if you are,hope that your family will support your final decision. And there is no way to prevent all teens from having sex. You could go to an... Read More »

Causes of teenage pregnancy?