What is the connection between the mind&body?

Answer Thinking positive is one of the most effective ways to feel better physically and mentally, which suggests that there is a real connection between the mind and the body. There are a number of theor... Read More »

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Can i make a lan connection between 2 computers without internet connection.....?

If both computers have ethernet jacks, all you really need is what is called a crossover cable. This allows you to directly connect the two computers without the need for a network hub or switch. Y... Read More »

What is the connection between food&depression?

The connection between food and depression varies according to who you ask. Studies are not conclusive because researchers behind a study stand to gain from a certain outcome. Further, the connecti... Read More »

What is difference between contact and connection ?

Since this is in electronics, I'll try that one instead of the human contacts/connections above:A contact is the physical end of an electrical signal. When two electrical contacts are in physical ... Read More »

What is connection between Auburn and ESPN?