How far is prague from vienna?

Answer Via road, the distance between Prague in the Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria is roughly 215 miles. The trip, which travels southeast through such cities as Brno and Mistelbach, takes approximate... Read More »

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How far is budapest from vienna?

The direct distance between Budapest and Vienna is 135 miles (218 kilometers). The shortest driving distance between these cities is 151 miles (243 kilometers) when traveling via major roadways, ye... Read More »

What's better Malaysia or Vienna?

ofcourse ViennaVIENNA IS FAR BETTER THAN MALAYSIA IN EACH AND EVERY CONTEXT.I JUST LOVE VIENNA, ITS QUITE UNIQUE.LOVELYRUCHIHaving been to both Vienna and Malaysia, I would prefer to live in Malays... Read More »

How to Eat in Vienna on the Cheap?

Vienna can be a costly place to visit, but if you know where to look you can find a wide range of different places to eat on a budget. There are many coffee houses, markets and street vendors that ... Read More »

Should I Visit Prague or Vienna?

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