What is the conflict of a novel?

Answer All stories depend on a problem to be solved or an obstacle to be overcome to give them their drama. This is known as the tale's conflict, the central overriding preoccupation of any piece of ficti... Read More »

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How to Write a Novel Without Using National Novel Writing Month?

This particular month is hard to wait for. You know the strategy, and yet you have a little impatience with it, and want to actually write the book you want, with a little time.

What is the irony in the novel Old Man and the Sea?

in the book the marlin is being eaten by sharks until just the bones are left. At the end of the book people just think the bones must be what's left of a shark

What is the irony in the novel the old man and the sea?

The irony is that the tourists thought that the marlin santiago caught was actually a shark.

What is a classic novel?

War and Peace - Lev 'Leo' Tolstoy Mr. Darcy Takes a WifeThe Pickwick Papers