What is the condition during diabetes that makes you have very large babies?

Answer Answer The acquisition of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes, and it can result in large offspring like you've described.

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Diabetes - why the stupid comments against those with the condition.?

For some, there is a link between type 2 diabetes and being overweight. However that is not the case for every type 2 nor is it the case for type 1 diabetics.I think that we can thank the media fo... Read More »

What is the condition or disorder causing a large elongated chin like Jay Lenos?

She is 16 years old but she is played by Jennette McCurdy who is 18.

A girl I'm dating has Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. What can I do to be cognizant/sensitive to her condition?

Well, lived all my life looking after my Mom with Type I, as well as my little brother being born with it as well. Somehow I personally lucked out. What I can tell you is this, just like any pers... Read More »

Heart condition-Type 1 Diabetes. Trains Muay Thai-Jiu jitsu 5 days a week. Need some advice..?

Well , first check her reasons , if they're okay you can't participate , if they're not you can -only you can decide that- , and i think she wouldn't let you cause during an actual MMA Fight adrena... Read More »