What is the concept of a thin-client application?

Answer A thin client is basically a program that does little more than connect to a remote server and provide a way for the user to work with a remotely hosted program. Microsoft's Smart Client framework ... Read More »

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What is a thin client application?

A thin client application is an application that is made to run with the bulk of the work being done by a server, as opposed to a thick or fat client application, which does most of the work with t... Read More »

What Is a Thin Client Transfer?

A thin client transfer is a computer program that has the ability to use the same graphic-based applications that PC workstations use. It eliminates the need for third party emulation programs and ... Read More »

What is a thin client workstation?

Thin client workstations are computing devices whose purpose is to access the network. Sometimes, these are referred to as terminals. The main feature that makes a device a thin client is that ther... Read More »

What is a client application in Linux desktop?

Any Linux desktop software that a user controls interactively and that must connect to a remote server to function fully is a client application. A Web browser, an email program and Internet chat s... Read More »