What is the computer's basic language?

Answer Computers communicate using a language called machine language, which is expressed in binary numbers. Just as humans use a decimal number system (with 10 numbers, zero through nine), computers use ... Read More »

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Basic History of Computers?

Computers have a history dating back to the abacus, a counting rack used by many ancient cultures. Progress was slow and some ideas were stillborn without the technology to implement them. When the... Read More »

Basic Uses of Computers?

With technology continuously evolving and intertwining into everyday life, people are using computers for more and more simple tasks. This is possible thanks in no small part to the continued effor... Read More »

Who invented BASIC computer language?

John Kemeny and Tom Kurtz of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire invented the BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming language in 1964. Both were employees of Dartmouth ... Read More »

Is Visual Basic 6 a dead language?

Microsoft, Visual Basic's developer, stopped actively supporting Visual Basic (VB) 6.0 in 2008 and designated Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) as its successor. VB will run under all versions of Windows ... Read More »