What is the computer program used for creating websites?

Answer Well there are two most commonly used programs. Microsoft's Frontpage that comes with Office and Macromedia's Dreamweaver. You can also convert a word document into HTML but that wouldn't be so wis... Read More »

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What is the best IDE for creating websites?

Amaya from w3.orgIt's FREE and it's from

What term is used when a computer switches from one program to another very quickly?

A user who has multiple programs running simultaneously can use the Alt and Tab keys to quickly flip between the program windows. The term for this is "Alt-Tabbing," or sometimes simply "Tabbing."S... Read More »

Creating a program!?

Not sure how to actually implement this but I can tell you now you will have to utilise XML to get the data you need, simply reading a website is not viable [pssible but not viable]The best recomm... Read More »

Program for creating nature scenery?

Try Bryce:…It makes great landscapes and I think it can export meshes to 3ds so should be able to import them to most other programs