What is the compression rate for CPR in a child of 5 years old?

Answer The CPR rates are the same universally the is 30:2 that is 30 compressions, and two breaths.The rate for compressions is the same for infant, child and adult, the only difference in the compression... Read More »

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My child was adopted nearly 10 years ago I read that the statute of limitation for child support arrears is 10 years from emancipation Is adoption considered emancipation?

How many photos can i hold on a 128mb memory stick using the lowest compression rate etc please give example,?

with an average of 50Kb per compressed photo.. it would keep upto 2500 ..

If a father has been absent from a child's life for years is there a certain amount of time when his rights to the child are automatically taken away to where the child can be adopted by another man?

You adopted a child 2 years ago you are now divorced and want to sign over your rights how do you do this and will you still have to pay child support if the child is not biologically mine?

England and Wales It is not possible to "sign over rights". If you have adopted a child, you have a duty to maintain until that child has left non-advanced education or reached 19 years old, whiche... Read More »