What is the composition of the atmosphere of the Earth?

Answer Nitrogen makes up 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, with 21 percent of the atmosphere consisting of oxygen, .9 percent being argon, and a tiny fraction--.03 percent--being carbon dioxide. The... Read More »

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Has the Earth's atmosphere always had the same composition?

Several billion years ago, the earth was very hot and its atmosphere differed from that of today. As it cooled, volcanoes released carbon dioxide and ammonia into the atmosphere making it toxic. Ar... Read More »

What is the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune?

The planet Neptune is a gas giant, and the eighth planet in the solar system. Neptune's atmosphere comprises hydrogen (85%), helium (13%) and methane (2%). The planet's core is composed of methane... Read More »

What was the composition of Earth's early atmosphere?

Earth's early atmosphere was a mixture of toxic, gaseous chemicals from volcanoes, including carbon dioxide and ammonia. Sunlight broke down these chemical compositions into nitrogen (which is stil... Read More »

The Composition of the Atmosphere on Mars Versus Earth?

Although they share a solar system, the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars are vastly different. While Earth's atmosphere has given rise to life forms, the atmosphere of Venus and Mars may help p... Read More »