What is the composition of pumice?

Answer Pumice is composed of granite. It forms under or near lava flows because of the solidification of lava mixed with gas bubbles, a process that creates a low-density, gray-colored rock.Source:Pumice ... Read More »

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What is pumice used for?

Pumice has remarkable abrasive qualities that allow it to be used in many places. We see it used as a dental abrasive, an abrasive hand soap ingredient, an ingredient in polish, and a cosmetic skin... Read More »

About Pumice?

Pumice can be found in several products ranging from beauty to cleaning as well as being used in construction aspects. Pumice can also be used for landscaping and horticulture purposes. ... Read More »

Can pumice float?

Pumice can float on water for months. After that time, the porous, volcanic stone becomes waterlogged and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, according to California State Polytechnic University. Pum... Read More »

What is the shape of pumice?

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