What is the competition like in the bottled water industry?

Answer Despite the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's limited oversight on bottled water production, this industry grosses $50 billion in annual sales, according to "The World's Water, 2006-2007." Becaus... Read More »

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What Is Competition Like in the Radio Broadcasting Industry?

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How is the bottled water industry changing?

Bottled water is an efficient and safe alternative to tap water. The bottled water industry has grown and extended its reach to all parts of the world, including poorer Third World countries. Bottl... Read More »

What bottled water brand do you like the best?

Nestle Pure Lifeit's vitamin you know that Aquafina and Dasani are both bottles waters that come from normal city water supply, and it's just filtered for chlorine? It's not spring.

Does everyone like bottled water?

I do. If you ever tasted or even looked at my tap water you would use bottled too. I don't get that expensive kind though...