What is the compact disc going to be replaced with?

Answer Why in cameras?CDs are the perfect size for music. Herbert von Karajan allegedly helped develop the compact disc and insisted that the entirety of Beethoven's Symphony No.9. The thing is that the C... Read More »

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What the differences of compact disc and blu-ray disc?

How is music read from a compact disc?

with a laser... it bounces off of the metalic backing on the label which is encoded with micron sized bumps... these bumps deflect the laser onto an optical pickup. http://electronics.howstuffworks... Read More »

How to Make a Compact Disc Holder?

Making a CD holder doesn't have to involve hammers, nails, and large pieces of wood. For the person who loves salvaging and reusing, this is a great, simple and fast way to make a compact disc hold... Read More »

Who invented the compact disc player?

The compact disc player was invented by James T. Russell. Russell, an American music lover, wanted to create a more durable medium for music than vinyl records so he created the discs and the playb... Read More »