What is the common name of Aralia spinosa?

Answer 'The Devil's Walkingstick' or 'the Angelica-tree' may be common names of 'Aralia spinosa'. The shrub or small tree is native to eastern North America. Other common names are 'Hercules' Club', 'Pric... Read More »

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Types of Aralia Plants?

Aralia, a decorative houseplant that often resembles a bonsai tree, is known for being easy to grow and requiring little tending. This small- to medium-sized tree features woody stems and branches ... Read More »

How to Care for a Ming Aralia Tree?

Ming aralia (Polyscias fruticosa), a small evergreen tree native to Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, reaches up to 8 feet in height and 4 feet in width. Ming aralia cannot tolerate cold temper... Read More »

What is the common name for zucchini?

In North America, zucchini is the most common name for this fast-growing variety of summer squash. The vegetable's botanical name is Cucurbita pepo, and it is a member of the same family as melons,... Read More »

What is the common name for nut grass?

The common names for the two most notable strains of nut grass are yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge, according to the University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. The ... Read More »