How to Apply for a Marriage License in Kentucky?

Answer If either you or your soon-to-be spouse are questioning how to apply for a marriage license in Kentucky, rest assured, it can be as simple as a visit to the County Clerk's office. Prior to the visi... Read More »

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How to Change Your Name After Marriage in Kentucky?

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How to End a Common Law Marriage in Colorado?

There are only a handful of states that still acknowledge any merit in a common law marriage. The rules behind it vary from state to state. In Colorado, although there is no specific law that cove... Read More »

Common Black Beetles in Kentucky?

There are thousands of beetle species in Kentucky. One characteristic of all beetles is the elytra (the hard protective shell on the wing). Other characteristics are the beetle's chewing mouth part... Read More »

Colorado Common-Law Marriage Requirements?

Like 11 other states in the United States, Colorado recognizes common-law marriages for cohabiting heterosexual couples in marriage-like relationships. Colorado has recognized common-law marriage s... Read More »