What is the common infection during flood?

Answer Malaria is spread by mosquitoes whose pupal stage is confined to water. Increased standing water means more mosquitoes and higher infections.

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What is the best way to protect a basement from sewage backup during a major flood?

When we do pressure tests or water tests on drains in a new house we put a plug in the floor drains, toilet drains, cap off other drains, etc. For floor drains and toilet drains we get some 4X4 lum... Read More »

Safety Procedures During a Flood?

When floods strike due to torrential rains, hurricanes or other disasters, it can be a devastating time for those caught in the water's path. Flooding can cause immense property damage as well as s... Read More »

What is the most common infection that occurs in aids?

Opportunistic infections are those which typically do not affect people with strong immune systems. One of the most common opportunistic infections in AIDS patients is candidiadis.CandidiadisAccord... Read More »

Who was president during the great flood of 1927?

The great flood of 1927 refers to a massive bout of flooding in the Mississippi River Valley. The 30th United States president, Calvin Coolidge, was in office at the time of the great flood of 1927... Read More »