What is the coloured part of the eye called?

Answer The iris is the colored part of the eye. The iris is covered by a clear dome, called the cornea. The black part of the eye is called the pupil, and the white area is called the sclera.Source:KidsHe... Read More »

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Why doesn't it hurt when you touch the white part of your eye but as soon as you move to the coloured part..?

the white is just the encasement holding your eyeball, it's coloured white to reflect heat away from your eyes. when you touched the coloured eyeball, you touched the most sensitive part of your ey... Read More »

What are the creatures called that are part plant part human like rose specture of dunn from yugioh?

People that do not wash dey is a little on the mouldy side

What is the blue part of the U.S. flag called?

There is not a record as to the meaning of the U.S. flag colors. In 1782, however, the Continental Congress used the same colors for the U.S. Great Seal and listed the meaning of the blue to stand ... Read More »

What is the plastic part of a shoelace called?

The term "aglet" describes the tag or covering at the end of a lace, including a shoelace, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The word dates to the 15th century and comes from the Latin w... Read More »