Why Is Sea Water Blue in Color & Tap Water Clear in Color?

Answer Looking across the ocean on a sunny day, you will see what appears to be a blue expanse of water. However, if you fill a glass with tap water, it appears clear. There are many factors that affect w... Read More »

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What is the color of sea water?

What is the natural color of sea water?

The correct answer is clear, but maybe thats not what you are asking. I spent 8 years on sea duty in the US Navy, the color of sea water changes depending on where you are. Some places it is a beau... Read More »

What color are municipal water pipes?

Purple is the standard color for municipal pipes used to distribute treated, reclaimed water. In 2008 it was proposed that waste water also be transported through purple pipes, however, this was de... Read More »

What color is used to show bodies of water on maps?

According to the United States Department of the Interior, the color blue is used to represent bodies of water on a map. Other colors, such as green, can be used for vegetation.Source:U.S. Departme... Read More »