What is the color of the lungs?

Answer According to the USDA, healthy lungs have a pink color similar to the tongue. However, they can turn gray from the tars and nicotine inhaled through smoking and breathing in secondhand smoke. Pollu... Read More »

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I slept in front of a dusty fan last night. Now my lungs hurt. Could the pain in my lungs be from the fan?

You'll be okay just for laughs go to the doc and ask him but yea it happens sometimes by accident. GL!!!😄

What is the job of the lungs?

Lungs make it possible for humans and other creatures to absorb life-sustaining oxygen from the air and expel carbon dioxide produced during normal body processes.DescriptionThe lungs consist of a ... Read More »

What is the job of lungs?

People breathe about 20,000 times every day, according to Breathing is an involuntary response that occurs when a persons lungs fill up and empty. When a person's lungs are filled, ... Read More »

What Is Consolidation in the Lungs?

The lungs are two sac-like organs in the chest that allow the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the blood. Lung consolidation occurs when the lungs are infected and become filled with fl... Read More »