What is the color of the Crimson King maple leaves in the spring?

Answer Crimson-purple.

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How tall does a Crimson King maple grow?

The Crimson King maple, a deep red-leaved cultivar of the Norway maple, reaches 40 to 50 feet tall with a spread of 20 to 40 feet. The tree features a dense rounded crown, and is known for its maro... Read More »

A Brief Description of Crimson King Maple Trees?

The Crimson King maple tree is one of the most popular shade trees in the U.S. Although it is native to Europe, it is a commonly found in American landscapes. The Crimson King maple is known for it... Read More »

Root System of Crimson King Maple Tree?

Prized for its deep purplish red fall foliage, the Crimson King is a variety of Norway maple native to Europe but popular throughout the northern three-quarters of the United States. The tree is to... Read More »

Crimson lace leafed Japanese Maple Tree?

your tree won't be harmed by careful, judicious pruning of bottom branches to give you a better access to the ground near it's trunk.... take your time and prune only when you are sure of the resul... Read More »