What color is grass pollen?

Answer Grass pollen contains the material through which grass is reproduced and, like grass, is generally green to greenish yellow. While there are approximately 1,200 different types of grass species, on... Read More »

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What is the color of dead grass?

duhhh greenish pupleish orangish blackish

I am turning lawn into a vegi patch i am digging the grass up can i turn it over or do i need to remove grass?

OK .... if you turn it over the grass will seek the sun and you will just have more grass. Breaking apart the roots works for a little while, until they recover and start producing grass again, lol... Read More »

Will a pool sitting on the grass cause it to die and will splashing water on the grass kill it if it has chlorine in it?

Answer Yes, an above ground pool sitting on the grass will eventually kill the grass. Most above ground pool manufacturers recommend that you remove the grass before filling the pool because the gr... Read More »

Will putting hay over freshly planted grass help hold moisture and still let enough sun in for grass to grow?

Hay spread thinly will help, but your best bet is straw. It is not as heavy and also won't hold seeds from left over weeds like hay does.