What is the color of dead grass?

Answer duhhh greenish pupleish orangish blackish

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Dormant Grass Vs. Dead Grass?

Most lawn grasses are perennial. They grow rapidly throughout the warm season and turn dormant when weather cools. It may be difficult to tell if your grass is simply dormant or if it is dead becau... Read More »

How top make dead grass how?

If it's dead it won't grow. Try over seeding the lawn and water like crazy twice a day for about 15 minutes each time. When I moved into my house, the lawn was completely yellow, no green in sight.... Read More »

How to Patch Dead Grass?

No matter how much water or fertilizer you give it, dead grass will not rejuvenate and grow back. Once you've allowed a patch to turn brown and coarse, you need to repair it with new grass seed. Gr... Read More »

What causes dead spots in the grass?

there are a variety of reasons for dead spots on the lawn. One is dog urine. Another is white grubs, and another is the possibility of one of several lawn diseases. These lawn diseases are always p... Read More »