Should you paint the ceiling and trim the same but darker green color when painting the wall a light natural green?

Answer Traditional decorating thought says you should not paint a ceiling anything but white. Don't listen... but do be aware of what effect you will get. 1) If your walls are a light natural green and ... Read More »

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What color do you get if you mix red and green?

If you mix the colors red and green, you will create the color brown. Red is a primary color and green is a secondary color. Other colors can be mixed together to create new colors.Source:Enchanted... Read More »

What color matches green?

What makes the color green?

There are three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Green is considered a secondary color. This means that colors must be mixed together in order to create the final desired color. To create the ... Read More »

What color do you get when you mix red&green?

The outcome of combining red and green depends on whether you are mixing light, in which case you will get a form of yellow, or mixing paint, in which case you will get a version of brown or gray. ... Read More »