What is the color code for Ping irons?

Answer The color code for Ping irons range from Maroon, the most upright, to Gold, the flattest. From most upright to flattest, the 12 Ping color codes are maroon, silver, white, green, yellow, blue, blac... Read More »

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Differences Between Ping S59 & Ping S59 Tour Irons?

Every successful golfer will likely own a set of quality golf clubs. Manufacturers periodically announce new models of clubs and keeping up with the differences between the various product lines is... Read More »

What does the black dot on Ping irons mean?

The dot on Ping golfing irons will indicate the lie angle, or the angle of the bottom of the club at the time of address. A black dot is standard "0 degree" while a red dot represents "1 degree fla... Read More »

About Ping Yellow Dot G10 Irons?

Ping G10 irons with the yellow dot custom fitting designation are golf clubs with a lie adjustment of 1.5 degrees upright. Such adjustments, where the hosel (the part of the club head where the sh... Read More »

What does the orange dot mean in Ping irons?

The orange dot on the Ping irons indicates a 2.25 degree flat lie angle. Ping golf clubs are color coded to accommodate the needs of individual golfers based on size, swing, and ball flight prefere... Read More »