What is the coldest Spanish speaking country?

Answer Argentina is home to highest and lowest temperature extremes recorded in South America. The lowest ever temperature recorded was '38.2 °F. The location of this Valle de los Platos Superior, which ... Read More »

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What is the smallest Spanish-speaking country?

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the country of El Salvador of roughly 8,123 square miles, making it the smallest Spanish-speaking country. In comparison, Salvador is about the same si... Read More »

What Spanish-speaking country has the greatest population?

With a population of just over 111 million people as of 2010, more than 85 million of which speak Spanish, Mexico is the largest country whose official language is Spanish according to the Nation M... Read More »

In what Spanish-speaking country did chocolate originate?

The first cultures known to make chocolate were those of what is Mexico today. Ground cacao seeds mixed with spices like chili pepper was a traditional and bitter Aztec and Mayan beverage. Spanish ... Read More »

What Spanish-speaking country has the greastest population?

According to statistics gathered in 2008, the Spanish-speaking country with the largest population is Mexico, which has nearly 110 million people. The second-largest is Colombia, with 45 million Sp... Read More »