What is the code for a TomTom One XL Bluetooth?

Answer When you attempt to connect your TomTom One XL Bluetooth with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, you may be asked to enter a four-digit code to make the connection. The default code to establish th... Read More »

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How to Connect a TomTom Go 920 to a Computer Bluetooth?

While capable of features such as turn-by-turn directions and route setup on its own, the TomTom Go can also be connected to a PC. From there, it can download data such as traffic and additional po... Read More »

Do TomTom Navigator maps work on TomTom Go?

The TomTom Go device is not compatible with Navigator maps. While on the TomTom website, you may download newly updated maps for your TomTom Go under the maps tab. You must select one of the maps l... Read More »

How to Set a Bluetooth Security Code on a Nokia 6085?

Bluetooth is quickly becoming one of the most popular features on a variety of phones around the world, and the Nokia 6085 is among the devices with this Bluetooth-enabled technology. Because Bluet... Read More »

Can a printer with a USB port gain Bluetooth capability by using a Bluetooth adapter?

Printers with USB ports can gain Bluetooth capability if you plug a Bluetooth adapter into them. This allows you to wirelessly connect your computer and printer. Make sure to use a Bluetooth USB ad... Read More »