What is the coat of arms for Quebec?

Answer The Quebec coat of arms is divided into three horizontal fields. The first displays three gold fleurs-de-lis on a blue background. The middle features a gold leopard with blue claws and tongue on a... Read More »

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What is a chevron on a coat of arms?

A chevron is a band of color in an inverted "V" that symbolizes a roof or protection. The word "chevron" is French for "rafter." It appears mainly on French and British coats of arms to signify som... Read More »

What is the coat of arms for New Brunswick?

A gold lion on a red background above an ancient galley in the water on a gold background adorns the shield of New Brunswick's coat of arms. Two antlered, white-tailed deer support the shield on ei... Read More »

What is the Franciscan coat of arms?

The Franciscan movement in the Catholic Church started about 800 years ago. Its coat of arms shows a cross, with two hands crossing each other in front of the cross. One hand is that of St. Francis... Read More »

What is the coat of arms for manitoba?

The coat of arms for Manitoba consists of a shield perched upon a mound of wheat and white spruce. The shield is adorned with the red and white cross of St. George above a buffalo standing upon a r... Read More »