What is the clue everyone has missed in the last episode of Sherlock Holmes?

Answer He tells that girl in the morgue(You know, ol' whats-her-name) that he "needs her." and that he is going to die. It would have been simple for him to work out a plan with her. They say the clue is ... Read More »

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What happens at the end of Sherlock Holmes BBC series episode 4?

What happened to Sherlock Holmes in the last book?

The last published story was 'The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place,' which appeared in 1927. In it, Holmes uncovers the scheme of a man who delays reporting of the death of his benefactor in order ... Read More »

What colour is Sherlock Holmes' dressing-gown in Sherlock?

What is a Sherlock Holmes hat called?

Sherlock Holmes is traditionally depicted wearing a hat known as a deerstalker. However, the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie tossed tradition aside and fitted the character of Holmes, played by Robert D... Read More »