What was the closing stock price for Pixar Animation Studios on Aug. 23, 2004?

Answer Pixar Animation Studios, trading under the stock-ticker symbol PIXR, closed at 36.83 on Aug. 23, 2004. Pixar's movie credits include the "Toy Story" franchise, "A Bug's Life," "Finding Nemo" and "U... Read More »

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What time is the closing bell on the stock exchange?

The New York Stock Exchange rings the closing bell at 4 p.m. Eastern time each market day. The NASDAQ closes at 4 p.m. as well, but after-hours trading allows investors to continue to buy and sell ... Read More »

When is the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange?

The closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange rings at 4 P.M. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. In addition to closing for nine holidays each year, the stock exchange also closes at 1 P.M. the... Read More »

What is a bid price in stock trading?

Because stocks move from owner to owner electronically, many part-time investors don't understand how stocks are actually traded. For those who have purchased real estate, purchasing stock takes on... Read More »

What determines a stock price?

A stock prices reflects supply and demand. There is a bid and ask price. A bid is what someone is willing to pay for it and ask is what someones willing to sell it for. When you see the ticker on C... Read More »