What is the classical piece in the ESPN commercial?

Answer Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 3 in C Major. Enjoy!!

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What is the classical piece in the direct tv commercial?

How to Write a Piece of Classical Music?

Have you ever wanted to write a big symphony like Beethoven or Mozart? Or just something simple like a divertimento? Well here's how to do it.

What is the most difficult classical piece ever written?

Fantaisie-Impromptu is NOWHERE near the most difficult. Perhaps to those in the Yiruma cult. It is Level 10 in the Snell series and on the Magrath scale - these correspond roughly to the Royal Co... Read More »

What is that new piece of classical music the bbc are using lots at the moment with only the string section playing?

Gosh, this is difficult, because it depends what you mean by "the BBC" and by "countries".For most people, the correct answer is one: it operates in the United Kingdom. It is supported by the Briti... Read More »