What is the city halfway between Houston and Orlando?

Answer Answer You don't say what type of policy, I will assume homeowners, it depends on the policy form, most auto policies will not cover ANY personal property. Most homeowners policies may exclude the... Read More »

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What city is halfway between salt lake city Ut and Oakland Ca?

Money is tight in the city of Orlando,?

I'm confused, what do you mean by load up the fire truck and head off to the grocery store? Load what? I've seen firefighter's purchase food at the grocery store to bring back to the fire house whi... Read More »

Is there homophobia in Orlando (Florida) is this a safe city for gay people?

Orlando is just like every other major city in the US. Orlando is very gay friendly. We have a pretty large gay community. There are a few fun clubs, a gay resort and a LGBTQ Community center. Our... Read More »

Houstonians, how can we make Houston a better city?

I would say , everything you've listed is well on it's way ,, Everything does take time.. But I guess you could always try to volunteer for the thing you think is most important, and move it along ... Read More »