What is false unicorn extract?

Answer False unicorn extract is made by extracting the active ingredients of the root of a false unicorn plant, Chamaelirium luteum, into pure alcohol. Herbalists say the root has healing properties.Makin... Read More »

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What is the theme of the book"The Black Unicorn"by Audre Lorde?

"The Black Unicorn" is a 1978 poetry collection by Audre Lorde. The poems in the book all explore the theme of oppression, as told from a black woman's point of view.Autobiographic contextLorde des... Read More »

What is the circumference of a basketball rim?

A standard basketball rim has a diameter of 18 inches across the center of the rim, according to the National Basketball Association. This equals out to a total circumference of 56 and 1/2 inches.S... Read More »

What is the average circumference of a penis?

Most males have a penis circumference of between 4 and 6 inches when they are erect, according to a 1979 study by Paul Gebhard and Alan Johnson. The average length of a penis, when erect, ranges fr... Read More »

What is the circumference of a basketball hoop?

Regulation basketball hoops at the junior high, high school, college and NBA levels all measure 18 inches in diameter. Based on the formula Pi (3.14) x diameter = circumference, the circumference o... Read More »