What region extends six miles down into the Earth's crust and six miles up into the atmosphere?

Answer No single reqion encompasses the area six miles above and six miles below the Earth's crust. Earth's outer-crust layer extends up to 51 miles below the planet's surface. The troposphere, a layer of... Read More »

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How many miles is Neptune from Earth?

Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun, ranging from 4.46 billion kilometers (2.77 billion miles) to 4.54 billion kilometers (2.82 billion miles) from the the center of our solar system over t... Read More »

How many miles is the earth's orbit?

Since the Earth travels an irregular elliptical orbit, the full diameter---the distance between two points of the circle that runs through the center---ranges between 182 million and 188 million mi... Read More »

How many miles thick is the Earth's atmosphere?

The seven layers of the Earth's atmosphere--the troposphere, tropopause, stratosphere, stratopause, mesosphere, mesopause and thermosphere--combine for a total of 560 kilometers, or about 348 miles... Read More »

How many miles per hour does sound travel on Earth?

The speed of sound on Earth is determined by air temperature and can be slightly affected by humidity; at 70 degrees Fahrenheit sound travels roughly 771 miles per hour. Sound travels faster at hig... Read More »