What is the circular rash on your baby back?

Answer This could be the cause if the baby is wearing "tagless" clothes (ex. instead of the material strip sewn into the seam, there is ink label imprinted directly on the material and usually in the back... Read More »

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What could a circular non-itchy skin-colored rash be on your 3-year-old's back that looks like little raised pimples?

Answer You should probably have them checked for eczema...or simply mix lotion and vaseline in equal parts...lube them up and see if it goes away. It helped our daughter.

Is a rash that has no temperature and is over tummy back and neck of 15 month old baby bad enough to go to doctor - It is not itchy and is red - baby more grumpy but that could be teething?

What could be the red blotchy rash on a baby's back?

this could be a birth defect or a childhood disease called "rickets" which is normally caused by poor nutrition.Sometimes it can be caused by lack of Vitamin D

Red Circular Rash on a Dog?

The fungus Microsporum canis causes ringworm, a contagious skin infection characterized by a red ringed rash. The fungus thrives in humid climates and its spores can linger in dog bedding for up to... Read More »