What is the circuit symbol for a strain gauge?

Answer A strain gauge is a fine wire looped back and forth in a tight S-pattern, creating a very long conducting path in a small space. A strain gauge is a type of resistor, and a resistor is the correct ... Read More »

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What gauge wire is for a 120 amp circuit?

Use 2 gauge stranded copper service wire for 120 amp circuits. If using aluminum cable, 1/0 size cable must be used. Use 6 gauge solid copper wire for the 120 amp grounding application.References... Read More »

What wire gauge is recommended for a 50 amp circuit?

Use 8 gauge copper wire for 50 amp circuit runs up to 10 feet. For cable runs up to 22 feet, use 6 gauge wire. When cable lengths are 22 feet to 28 feet long, use 4 gauge wire.References:ePanoram... Read More »

What Gauge Electrical Wire Is Required for a 15-Amp Circuit?

The most basic electrical circuit in house wiring is the 110-volt, 15-amp outlet. Most electrical codes allow a minimum of 14-gauge wire, but this should really only be used if the circuit only inc... Read More »

What is the actual thickness of a 20-gauge or 30-gauge pool liner?

AnswerGauge is the equivalent of a "mil" which is "thousandths" of an inch.Hence, a 20-gauge pool liner would be 20-mil which is 20 thousandths of an inch or 0.020" = 0.02 inches. A 30-gauge liner ... Read More »