What is the chirp that can be heard on AM radio stations between news breaks?

Answer Yes, I have heard that too. It seems to be only when they are receiving audio from the satellite. It is probably just a sound so the local station can know when the satellite audio starts and sto... Read More »

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Why do radio stations keep invading the news with sports reports?

I'm no fan of sports but it sells. A lot of people are fanatic about it and radio stations find that they get more listeners by doing sports broadcasts, even if you and I might tune out. Plus, it... Read More »

Are there any radio stations on iheart radio that do prank calls?

Where were you when you heard the news that Michael Jackson died?

Sitting on my couch. My little sister texted me.

Difference Between AM & FM Radio Stations?

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes AM radio stations from FM stations? You might have noticed that AM and FM radio stations have different dial-in numbers or that AM stations tend to pick up... Read More »