What is the child to staff ratio in childcare for children with autisim?

Answer The Child that has autisim may be feared and he or she might not reach the age of 67

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Step by step how should a director of a childcare center respond to a complaint about child/staff ratio?

I would schedule a conference with the parent...a time to talk , children or staff phones no interruptions...and that is how i would set it up...all cells off time to a d... Read More »

Childcare staff numbers - how many children per staff member?

Since these are not day care centers or schools they are usually pretty unregulated, although the corporate offices may have rules. I'd check with your local Dept. of Health to make sure.

What is the child to adult ratio for childcare in Virginia?

What is the child to staff ratio in all schools?

It varies. A lot. Especially in other countries. Sometimes it's 50-100 kids per staff person, others it's 5-10 it depends on the type of school, too. Special needs schools will have more staff.