What is the chemical symbol for rhenium?

Answer The chemical symbol "Re" represents rhenium on the periodic table. Rhenium has an atomic number of 75 and was first discovered in 1925. It has two stable isotopes and 26 unstable ones.References:U.... Read More »

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What trademark is a star symbol stamped in a gold ring?

The Order of the Eastern Star--a large fraternal organization open to men and women--has a variety of gold rings with a star stamped onto them. Another possibility is the Converse Chuck Taylor logo... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for gold?

The chemical formula for gold is Au. Gold is a precious metal that is soft and malleable, so it is often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. It is highly reflective, resistant to ox... Read More »

What happens to the gold in the stomach when we eat Gold Dosa, the recent novelty of Dosa wrapped in gold foil?

Nothing happens. The gold used is incredably thin and has very little strength so the gold is broken into tiny fragments during chewing and digestion. If the gold is 18 to 24 carot then it will not... Read More »

When i press shift+2 i get the @ symbol instead of the" symbol. how can i correct this?

My computer has both keyboard mappings, the US English one gives the @ when SHIFT-2 is pressed, whereas the French Canadian setting gives "Go to Start->Control Panel->(classic mode)->Regional Setti... Read More »